Tom Farmer

Documentary photographer, London, England

Tom’s work focuses on the ‘photographic journey’ and how this can create narratives around communities and their relationships to the landscape they inhabit. For over two years Tom documented communities living along the course of the River Thames from the source to the sea.

Tom graduated from the University of Wales with a degree in Documentary Photography in 2007.

These images, taken along the course of the River Thames, offer a small glimpse of how the river is inextricably linked to the communities who inhabit the surrounding area. Physically, emotionally and spiritually the river weaves its way through the southern heart of England carrying with it the collective history of a nation. Rich in culture and heritage the river has been the scene of many a spectacle from Royal traditions to industrial innovations. Yet it remains a wholly communal river, an inspiration to artists and musicians, a river of leisure, of sport and a place people call home. These images are a meditation on a collective connection to the Thames and they reflect the diversity of community and tradition found along the route of the river.

Margate #2

Maragte’s heady days as a premier UK holiday destination may be well and truly over but a period of regeneration is in full swing with artists and entrepreneurs reinvigorating the town centre…

Tom Farmer

Surfing Viking Bay

Whilst cycling along the costal path between Margate and Ramsgate on a cold, wet and windy Saturday, the last thing I thought I would encounter as I rounded the headland was a…

Tom Farmer

North and South Thanet

After reading an article describing some of Britain’s Eastern costal towns as the ‘front line’ in UKIP’s fight to gain seats in…

Tom Farmer

Winged Harp

For me the act of travel goes hand in hand with photography. Taking pictures is my excuse to explore and my reason for being in an unfamiliar place…

Tom Farmer