Roseanne Watt

Poet, Shetland & Edinburgh, Scotland

Roseanne is a poet and PhD student at the University of Stirling, reading in the disciplines of poetry and filmmaking. She was brought up in the Shetland Islands, and her work deals with the connection of self and place; her thesis explores the importance of time and interconnection within the poetry of the Scottish Isles and the fragility of cultural memory. Roseanne currently spends most her time split between Shetland and Edinburgh, and the rest of it drinking too much tea.

My Documenting Britain project will document my time spent between two very different locales, engaging with the people, culture and history of these places. I will also be incorporating elements from my own PhD research in this endeavour. This project will primarily feature poetry, though may also include filmmaking from time-to-time – particularly in the field of film portraiture.


Last year I spent the winter in Shetland, where we had an unusually mild, snowless winter. This year I have spent the winter in Edinburgh, where temperatures have so far been too warm for any snow to linger on the pavements. For now, the memory of snow will have to suffice…

and then
we were nowhere;


Roseanne Watt

Yurden - A Circle Poem

Recently, my project has brought me to think a lot about loss – or, at least, absence. I came across an old burial formula in a book about…

Roseanne Watt

An Introduction

A brief introduction; my name is Roseanne, and I am an Edinburgh-based poet from the Shetland Isles. I am currently reading for a PhD at the University of Stirling, in which I aim to…

Roseanne Watt