Nina Bacos

Lens-based artist, Glasgow, Scotland

Nina is a Swedish lens based artist with a mixed european heritage who works with different photographic methods which she assembles to make sense of personal and political perspectives of reality. While completing a practice led PhD at Glasgow School of Art she became interested in using text as an integral part of her practice. Nina is interested in traditional and contemporary critical and poetic practice that pushes boundaries and allows for the unexpected to happen.

She is the founder of TalkSeePhotography, which runs as a monthly event at CCA in Glasgow where artist and curators present their work for knowledge and critical engagement.

I will examine where the history and institutional definition of ownership, geographies and belonging of these islands cross with a generous interpretation of my own lineage. It will meander from the perception of Viking pillaging, to the definition of Scottish/Nordic words like huss and heim as low class slang to the business of making borders in lands where there were none, stories of colonizations and protectorates, ancient treasures and individual human destinies. The work consist of text and images and will be process oriented, fragmented and experimental.


A while after the family photo was taken in Adrianouple 1895 my great grandmother Eleni by who I take my middle name died from trying to to induce an abortion eating Ergot…

Nina Bacos


I am idly googling the Elgin Marbles that were removed from the Parthenon in Athens in the beginning of the 1700th century by the Scottish nobleman and ambassador…

Nina Bacos


It is raining a little. The sky is patchy with light and grey clouds. On one side of the bus the mediterranean waves roar green and fierce-full toward the shore. On the other the naked…

Nina Bacos