Margaret Mitchell

Photographer, Glasgow, Scotland

Margaret studied photography at Edinburgh Napier University and at the Edinburgh College of Art. Her interest lies in people and their stories with an emphasis on environmental portraiture. Themes of the child, youth, family, identity and yearning, situated within the narratives of living, are often revisited in the people and environments photographed. She has exhibited widely including at the European Parliament and as part of the Taylor Wessing 2014 at the National Portrait Gallery.

The work being undertaken for Documenting Britain is focused on one locale within Glasgow. Project M will attempt to examine an urban area and its people and see if different narrative strands emerge from that work.

Young Activist: Katy at the ‘Dead Wall’

In 1869, a battle of wills and money was going on in Glasgow. Before the building of the new suburb of North Kelvinside on the southern edge of Maryhill…

Margaret Mitchell

Andrea and The Children's Wood

This project starts by skirting around the edge, crossing the River Kelvin and dipping a toe into Maryhill. Some call this area North Kelvinside…

Margaret Mitchell

A Photographic Journey of a People and a Place

What is a place, a people?
Do the people make that place?

My work concentrates on people – the person in…

Margaret Mitchell