Luca Nascuiti

Composer, Aberdeen, Scotland

Born in Northern Italy, Luca is trained in electroacoustic composition, classical music, visual and performing arts. He performs, exhibits, and broadcasts internationally, and most recently at Jerwood Space, London, Royal Festival Hall, Sonic Arts Waterford, Villa Romana, Florence, and Deutsche Bank Kunstalle. He is a PhD candidate in Musical Composition at the University of Aberdeen with a scholarship awarded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

As part of Documenting Britain, I will develop a series of sound works that uses field recordings from the British landscape. The land and the sea, the culture, people, and spirit that lay in the present, the past, and the imagined.

A non-pedestrian city

On New Year’s Day 2015 I was in Aberdeen. The city was quiet, asleep. I took this opportunity to record a short walk in the city centre – a document of the city at rest…

Luca Nasciuti

Above the Clouds

Above the land are the clouds, and above them is our imagination. It’s a landscape of possibilities we can’t reach but perceive beyond our senses. I focus on…

Luca Nascuiti


Soon it’ll be eight weeks since my relocation to Aberdeen from London and this seems an appropriate time to start reflecting on this passage. A passage for it is taking place…

Luca Nascuiti