Kirsty Mackay

Documentary photographer, Bristol, England

Originally from Glasgow, Kirsty studied photography before leaving for New York and London to work as a photographer’s assistant. She has worked with photographers Herb Ritts, Nick Knight and Anton Corbijn. Kirsty has an MA in Documentary Photography from the University of Wales. Partnering with Vodafone, she created an exhibition using the first camera-phone available in the UK. Taking a picture a day for one year, iCapture was shown at the Deluxe Gallery, London. She is passionate about smartphone photography and is an ardent user of Instagram.

For Documenting Britain, she is running The Pop up Portrait Studio. This outdoor studio is set up on a busy street and offers a free portrait to the passersby.  Kirsty says “It is much more than a Photo Booth - I have given the work a catchy name, but I am serious about this project. I see it as documentary - I am documenting people as they are now. I am interested in something much more than just a record of a person. I am after a real portrait. One that shows some kind of connection, depth and emotion. If I can achieve that from a few minutes with someone that I have just met on the street, then I am happy.”

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Kirsty Mackay

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November 24, 2014