Dan Wood

Photographer, Bridgend, Wales

Dan discovered photography in 1996 through Skateboarding and the culture that surrounds it. He is predominantly self-taught and considers himself a documentary photographer. Dan takes inspiration from a wide subject matter and has travelled widely in pursuit of photographs, capturing a multitude of cultures.

Bridgend has been tainted by an unusual amount of suicides since 2007. In my Documenting Britain project, Suicide Machine, I want to discover if the town is actually to blame or if it is purely coincidental. Bridgend is my where I live with my family, I want to find out what ultimately lies ahead for my daughter and at the same time rediscover my hometown.

Suicide Machine

I had the idea for this project in 2009 whilst checking into Gatwick Airport, London for a flight. After looking at my passport the desk attendant said…

Dan Wood