Corinne Silva

Artist, London, England

Born in Leeds, artist Corinne Silva lives and works in London. She gained her PhD in 2014 from the University of the Arts London, and is now a Research Fellow with the Photography and the Archive Research Centre, UAL.

My photographic practice is concerned with the evolving relationship between politics, landscape and art histories. I intend to continue my ongoing exploration of the politics of gardening, examining the relationship between formal public gardens and empire.

The same picture

I left Leeds with too much luggage to carry the geraniums, so when my mum visited last month she brought me the Mother Plant and a selection of her descendants. I met her…

Corinne Silva

The Red Jan Line


I am spending Christmas in Leeds this year. I write this from my childhood bedroom, which has been taken over by my grandmother’s geraniums…

Corinne Silva

January 30, 2015

My Garden

I am thinking about gardens at the moment: gardening as a political act, a radical act, an ideological act. Guerrilla gardening, The Royal Botanical Gardens, allotments…

Corinne Silva

November 24, 2014