Chris Hurst

Photographer, Traquair, Scotland

Chris Hurst grew up and lives between Bowmont, Tweed and Tyne. At times he has worked in byres and building sites but has moved towards programming and micro-geography. He makes pictures on film, on occasion with invented cameras. His interests include verge, merse, moss, stoor, spall, and silt.

My Documenting Britain project is The Brief Charms of the B7088. The B7088 is a short road across the Tweed, scarcely mentioned in maps or on official documents, little more than a bridge and a pair of roundabouts. It is the tally line across an ancient, arterial, long inhabited landscape.

Field Trip

In August the Peebles Show arrived on the flat ground opposite Horsburgh Ford on the North coast of our territory.

Here, in the febrile, pre-referendum atmosphere the…

Chris Hurst


The territory to the South of the Tweed is a temporary zone, uncertain land, occasional riverbed. Before the advent of the B7088 this was Horsburgh Ford, well enough known to…

Chris Hurst


The B7088 runs across the flow of its location. The higher, Western Borders is defined by steep sided valleys, well scoured by glaciers. There is a sense of linearity…

Chris Hurst


The Scottish Borders could be described as a series of micronations. Even if you ignore the amalgamations since 1975 these are overlapping territories that…

Chris Hurst