Alice Nelson

Documentary filmmaker, Edinburgh, Scotland

Alice is an award­winning documentary filmmaker, specialising in creative storytelling with elements of animation, reconstruction and collage. She was born in Dublin and moved to Scotland in 1996 to do a Masters in Painting and Photography at Edinburgh College of Art. Her work in photography gradually brought her to filmmaking. Alice returned to ECA to do a Masters in Film and TV in 2006.

She is currently working on two feature length projects, The Leg Maker and Raising Dead Nelsons.

A document of the research process for a film. The starting point for this research is a train crash in a blizzard between Edinburgh and Glasgow in December 1937. 35 people died and 179 were injured, a missing 8 year old girl was never found. Amongst the dead was Edward Nelson who happens to be the person who who gave me my name.

Nelson Project #2

This is the Glasgow Herald, published the day after the Castlecary Rail Disaster in which my grandfather was killed. My Grandma must have kept it…

Alice Nelson

Nelson Project

In my years as a filmmaker, I have never known a finished film to bear much resemblance to the initial idea and impulse to make it. Along the way ideas…

Alice Nelson