Agatha Albert

Photographer and curator, Edinburgh, Scotland

Actively interested not only in practice but also in theory of contemporary photography, Agatha does not limit herself to one particular genre, although uses mostly analogue equipment and materials. Her latest works explore the idea of constructing a narrative by combining and searching for particular images and also research and re-imagine the past to better understand the present.

“…but there are no tribes beyond us, nothing indeed but waves and rocks…”
– Pictish chieftain Calgacus according to the Roman Tacitus in his work Agricola

For Documenting Britain I will develop my photo-story: A Pictish Tale. The Picts remain now as mysterious as ever, with scholars unable to agree on many basic issues including what language they spoke and their cultural origins. Types of animals and especially the objects they carved into stones suggest that the Pictish society used matrilineal succession, unlike any other of cultures living around them. I have journeyed mostly on foot to often remote locations of eastern and northern Scotland, from Aberdeenshire to Orkney, searching for traces in landscape as well as the ancient artefacts of Pictish past to recreate a tale of my own.

Disappeared People

When I first heard of the Picts several years ago, it was only a brief mention of their complete disappearance from Scotland. That sounded very definite and mysterious…

Agatha Albert